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Forever in debt to your priceless advice

I'm Steph. I live in a small town on the border of Wales. I'm engaged to the most wonderful man in the world and we're parents to two amazing children; Olive and Jasper. Life is sweet.

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90% chance of rain tomorrow and I have to walk to the pharmacy which is a mile away. Whyyyyy. Hope the kids are ready for an outdoor bath haha.

I wish I could ride my bike to work tomorrow but sadly my work is literally a 3 minute walk from my house so it would be totally pointless. I love my bike more than I love Chris.

On a lighter note to my last post, we picked up our bikes today! I was so scared of riding home because I’ve not been on a bike in about 15 years but oh my gosh, I loved it! We rode home the long way, on all the little cycle paths bar a few roads. The roads were terrifying and I did nearly crash into a car but hey ho! Gonna fix up the kids’ trailer and cycle into town on Sunday I think. I’m so in love.

This is a photo of my cousin Ben when was about Jasper’s age. Everyone in my family is convinced that Jasper and him are lookalikes, I think it’s the hair! Sadly Ben died not long after this photo was taken, he had a heart condition. He died a few years before I was born. My aunt and uncle (his parents) find it quite hard to see Jasper but they’re the ones who saw the similarities. If Jasper was dark haired, they would be twins!

Had to leave a Topshop earlier because they were playing Robin Thicke’s new song and I was nearly sick in my mouth.

Just taken his nappy off and it’s full of pus and errrrggghhhh it stinks. How can it not be bothering him?! It’s making me feel ill thinking about it!

Been to see the doctor about Jasper’s willy; he has a bacterial infection. His willy is twice the size of normal, bright purple and there is pus coming out the end. He’s still so happy though, it’s not bothering him one bit!

Just had to make Jasper an emergency appointment; took his nappy off and his willy is red and swollen and I can’t move his foreskin at all. He seems fine and he’s letting my touch it but it looks so painful!

Whyyyy do kids wake up early and then spend 2 hours screaming because they’re tired? Jasper keeps opening the lounge door and slamming it against the wall and every time I tell him no, he just goes mental and screams at me. STAY ASLEEP WHEN YOU ARE TIRED.



So true.

Sooooooo true


Because Pablo Escobar, (a notorious Colombian drug lord) made so much money, he spent more than $2,500 every month purchasing rubber bands to bundle up his stacks of cash.


I bought some lychees the other day and I’ve just peeled a load and brought them to bed. Chris’s reaction was, “WHAT THE HELL ARE THOSE THEY LOOK LIKE TESTICLES”. I made him try one and he’s pleasantly surprised. Haha.

We have 11 extras to the day, that’s £550 extra to pay. I wish I was dead.

I’ve cheered up and already made friends with Chris. We’re still not getting a pizza BUT we did just snap up a bike trailer for the kids, £30 unused!! They’re over £100 new. So impressed.